Founded and operated by our local Kichwa community, Shayari is at the forefront of genuine environmentally and socially responsible jungle experience—preserving our indigenous lands, serving community grown food, reforesting, employing our community members and even breeding threatened species for reintroduction into the wild.
The precious setting of our “eco” friendly venture is a 380 hectares (939 acres) primary-forest reserve, plus 100 (247 acres) hectares of secondary forest, agri- and aquaculture and community space.  Wildlife opportunities abound here at Shayari, including rare up-close and personal interactions at our rescue center and as part of our re-population program.
Today, many Indigenous communities of the Amazon are taking on a serious challenge--how to re-establish the natural balance of our ancestors.  Shayari, which means “we lift ourselves up,” is a central part of our search for alternatives to the ever-increasing pressure from oil, gas and industrial logging, not to mention unsustainable indigenous activities such as rifle hunting and small scale logging of the forests most ancient trees.  Our goal is to pass on healthy ecosystems and a vibrant culture to future generations.

To Arrange a visit or to inquire about options, please e-mail us at and allow for a few days before we respond.